How To Find The Best Computer for Blogging

How To Find The Best Computer for Blogging

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Bloggers of today need a laptop that’s portable and powerful enough to handle what they need the work they need to accomplish efficiently. There are a ton of options out there but there are just as many that aren’t up to par with an evolving platform that continues to add more and more mediums of expression. To combat that, a blogger needs a device that can put up with the changing tides and be able to do so any place, anytime; depending on your schedule and tendencies. Here’s a list of laptops that will be able to do just that and here you can find the best computer for blogging that fits your needs.




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The ZENBOOK 13 is thinnest and latest ultrabook,  The ZENBOOK 13, features arguably the thinnest bezels on an ultrabook to date. The display is 1080p, a color-accurate screen that’s quite bright at 400 nits and thanks to ASUS’ ego lift, the bottom bezels become virtually non-existent. The laptop features 2 USB-c port and 1 USB-a port, but it must be noted that the USB-c ports don’t support Thunderbolt 3. There’s also micro sd and a headphone jack to round out the ports on the sides of the device. Despite its small size, the laptop does also feature a number pad; it lives on the trackpad, accessible by tapping an icon on the upper right corner. The specs are as follows; Intel Core i5 processor with 8GB RAM, 356GB SSD. The CPU is the 8th gen Wisky Lake, a 4 core CPU and the GPU is an MX 150 allowing it to clock out pretty fast with good speeds. The device has a battery life of approximately 7hrs with the screen at 250 nits. The speakers are placed on the bottom toward the edge with reasonably loud but not very crisp audio. The selling point here is its build quality and aesthetic with that super-thin bezel the screen looks gorgeous, maximizing the size of the screen without compromising on the laptops overall size; its gonna turn some heads compared to other devices. The ZENBOOK 13 might be your perfect blogging computer and its yours, starting at $849.00.

Check out the ASUS-ZenBook-13



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Windows’ newest 13’’ laptop, the Surface 2 is next on the list. Starting at $999.00 and scaling upwards to $1,899.00 for all the bells and whistles. The entry-level comes out of the box with 8GB RAM, a quad-core Intel Core i5 processor, and 256GB SSD. This thing is thin, light and portable. Under 3 pounds this laptop can go everywhere you want to go without getting in the way. The keyboard is clicky with a good travel distance, making for a very satisfying typing experience; an essential for you bloggers out there. The display’s resolution is set at 2256×1504 for a satisfying viewing experience. The audio fires from under the keyboard. Not the best sound in the business, but certainly not the worst It gets the job done, and with the option of a headphone jack, it won’t be a problem. If you need a little more out of your device, you can scale it up to an i7 processor with 1TB of storage so you don’t have to settle on the base specs. A device is a solid machine and it looks great, coming in several matte colors. This thing is sleek and there’s no rule saying you can’t look good doing your work.

Check out the Surface-Laptop 2



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The 2019 Macbook Air brings with it what you expect from an Apple product. The build quality is still the best in the business, the keyboard is clicky,  and the hinge still only takes one hand to open. In short, it’s the perfect aluminum package, a joy to use. The Air still deserves a spot on the list despite not being predictable, void of any new features to change the game because it doesn’t need to. The Air exemplifies the saying “if it at broke, don’t fix it.” Bringing back the vibrant retina display, solid specs (that aren’t the best in the game but get the job done) and that ecosystem. The Ecosystem is the selling point here. Starting at $1,099.00 the Intel core i5 processor, 8GB RAM,  and 128 SSD may seem underwhelming, but the device’s versatility makes up for what it lacks under the hood. If you are one of the overwhelming amounts of people using an iPhone, this device should garner a serious amount of consideration from you. The ecosystem everyone loves to reference when talking about Apple products is the interconnectivity amongst all their products. Devices can seamlessly share data amongst each other creating a smooth and effortless user experience, free of 3rd party programs and data conversions that plague those outside of the ecosystem. It’s this ease that keeps many within the Apple brand, purchasing new versions of their products in fear of returning to the outside. As a blogger you could harness the power of this versatility, sharing media between your devices or with others, within seconds. Removing any unnecessary hurdles goes a long way, freeing up your mind to come up with new ideas or simply buying yourself some time to relax. This device has been tried and tested; it’s a great tool for any blogger and the best computer for blogging in the space of Apple users.

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  • DELL XPS 15

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Arguably one of the greatest laptops ever crafted is available right now for a starting price of $979.99. The XPS 15 hits the trifecta, it’s portable, powerful and stylish; the perfect laptop. With a core i5 processor, 8GB and 1TB SSD, its the perfect device for bloggers with a more extensive style of content. Perfect for video editing and running bigger programs like photoshop or lightroom, this laptop is the perfect tool to get blogs with a bit more content to offer off the ground. The XPS also harbors one of the best screens, rivaling the best out there with a 15.6″ FHD 1920 x 1080 Anti-Glare 400-Nits InfinityEdge display; simply put, it’s hard to beat. Ports are good too, on the sides you’ll find 1 HDMI 2.0 1 Thunderbolt 3, 2 USB type A’s and an SD card slot. This thing will be an absolute workhorse that’s even capable of doing some gaming as well at your leisure. This device might be overqualified for a few bloggers out there, however, pound for pound, this is arguably the best computer for blogging.

Check out the Dell XPS 15





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